lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

Eldar - Sapere Aude [2009]


Pais: Spain
Estilo: Martial Industrial, Dark Ambient
Año: 2009
Discografica: Cold Meat Industry
Catalogo: CMI 195
Formato: CD
Calidad: MP3, VBR
Tamaño: 90 MB

01. Zeigeist
02. Le syndrome de Cotard (with Psychaotic)
03. The Grave of mankind (with Der Blauer Reiter)
04. From the deep sea (with The Wyrm)
05. New Gods (with Nurss)
06. Lied der Neuen Welt (with Persona)
07. Alexander Nexsky (with R.E.O.)
08. Untitled (with Argentum)
09. Aevum VI (with Verbum)
10. Una madre reptil en el nido (with Miguel Mazur)
11. Contubernio (with Plagiarism Is Art)
12. Horus (with Erg)
13. Faith is a lie (with Ruins Winter)
14. 18 Julio (with Lomo Bajo)
15. 26 de Diciembre (with Escuadron de la Muerte)

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