jueves, 15 de enero de 2009

CON-DOM & The grey Wolves - Consumer Electronics #5 [DVD] (2005)

CON-DOM & The Grey Wolves: Consumer Electronics #5 DVD

Стиль / Style: Heavy Electronics, Industrial Noise, Power Electronics
Год / Year: 2005
Страна / Country: UK
Лейбл / Label: L.White Records
Формат / Format: DVD
Качество / Quality: Full DVD [PAL]
Общий размер / Total Size: 4.2GB

CON-DOM & The Grey Wolves: Consumer Electronics #5 DVD

Con-Dom: A Live Manifestation of "The Color of a Man's Skin"
- Ebony and Ivory
- Michael
- Nation of Islam
- Well Hung
- Bath of Bleach
- Control-Resistance
- Ebony and Ivory (Reprise)

The Grey Wolves: The 100404 Grey Wolves Display
- Not Your Country
- Blood Lover Blood Hater
- Hate Crime
- Beyond Hypocrisy
- Religion
- Victory Through Violence

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Iván Villavicencio dijo...

Fantástico material.... bajando...!!

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Fucked Up Fucker dijo...

es posible q vuelvas a poner la lista de links?ya no está disponible:(
excelente blog, muchas gracias!